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Inflammation: Causes, Conditions & Solutions – Chicago

July 16th – Chicago, IL
6 CE Hours (pending RACE approval)
Speakers: Dr. Barbara Royal, Dr. Arielle Herndobler

  • Review Basic emergencies by location, body system, and relative emergent status.
  • Best practices in assessing and triaging emergencies.
  • Review current practices and prognoses in emergency medicine based on patient conditions.
  • Assessing and treating emergencies as they relate to different species, ages, and temperament.
  • Develop best practices to manage anxiety and stress for patient, owner, staff and medical practitioners.
  • Understand the most common causes, signs, testing methods and sequelae to inflammation as it affects both health and disease in pets.
  • Assessing Integrative techniques and treatments that can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to manage inflammation and emergencies.
  • Recognizing reasons to employ different methods based on their ability to augment treatment, improve positive outcomes, as well as their possible effectiveness in place of conventional treatments.
  • Overview of current research and case studies to support methods of treatment.
  • How to appropriately gather information and provide relevant details to expedite emergency care.
  • Provide framework to help practitioners teach owners the basics of immediate care at home and how to make a Home Emergency Kit.

Technician teaching hour:
An integrative and holistic look at restraint and data gathering for technicians. Actions the technicians need to know from a holistic standpoint. Procedures that incorporate holistic care in emergencies. Helping the doctor manage the patient and the owner. In an emergency, how to manage limited samples. How to properly educate owners about follow-up care and next steps, don't forget the details including diet, initiation of rehabilitation. Putting the owner and patient at ease. Before the doctor gets there, what can the technician do to put the owner/animal at ease and speed up the diagnostic process. (it’s not just getting a history and assisting a doctor, it’s managing health). Tongue and pulse diagnosis – clues to the inside.

Full Price: $200
RAHU Member Price: $160



Start: July 15, 2017 at 10:00 Finish: July 15, 2017 at 05:00

Inflammation: Causes, Conditions & Solutions - Chicago #1


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